Students, Parents and members of groups can be granted permissions to contribute to bring the website to live and make it a central, accessible and secure hub to store and view relevant information.



Through the Teacher Portal, teachers can set up projects and invite any student in the school to contribute, irrespective of year group.

Prior to publishing contributions made, the teacher running the project will have final editing and publishing rights.


Student Pages

With their own login to the Student Portal, each student can contribute to pages in their year group. 

Prior to publishing any contributions, the teacher heading up the year group will have final editing and publishing rights.


Content Upload

Parents can be granted permissions to upload photos onto the website, either via the SchoolApp2 or directly onto the website.



Restricted access can be given to members of the Parent Teacher Association, Governors and other groups involved with the day to day running of the school to share, edit and upload documents creating a central place for documentation.