Pricing Phylosophy

SchoolsUnited provides a One-Stop-Shop for your Website, Mobile and Parent Mail requirements.
Our aim is to provide schools with cost and efficiency improvement so the focus and attention can be on helping students to excel.
Our pricing is based on the phylosophy of "building it once, use it many times over" and pass the cost savings on to our customers, the schools.  
We believe that the SchoolsUnited platform is intuitive and easy to use without the need for programming or advanced design skills which is reflected in our pricing.


License Fees

Price per annum including VAT as of 1st March 2016:
SchoolWebsite Content Management System  £399 / annum
SchoolApp £200 / annum
Parent Mail including Parent Evening Booking tool Free

First year fee will be invoiced after 1st month of free trial
Price for volume purchases on request
Price includes unlimited use of data traffic.



£50 per annum to upgrade from the standard 10 gb of hosting that is included in the annual license fees

Set Up Cost

Included in first year fee.
Set up includes transfer of existing website domain, email configuration and a one off transfer of students, teachers and parents details onto the platform


Content Transfer Cost

£200 to transfer content (documents and images) from existing website to new website.


£499 for 2 x 2 hours session via Skype with a consultant.
This is in addition to the online tutorials that are available free of charge.


Design of website

£499 per design

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT @ 20%