Through their own Teacher Portal and Parent Portal,  teachers and parents stay engaged to support the progress of the student. 

Student and Parent Registration

Parents register and edit their contact details through the Parent Portal. Parents also set up and update their own privacy settings. 
Teachers have full access to all registration data via the Teacher Portal.

Parents have restricted access according to permissions set.

Ofsted Compliance

To compy with Ofsted any updates made to contact details by parents and / or teachers are reported automically so that SIMS can be kept up to date.

Parents Communications

Teachers can send personalised emails and alerts to individuals or groups via the Teacher Portal. A copy of each email sent is dispatched to a nominated email  address to enable tracked history.

Parent Evening

Teachers announce appointment times available and parents select available slots online via the Parent Portal. No more messages in the book bag.

Clubs and Societies

Set up specific groups and invite and communicate with members of those groups such as after school clubs, sport teams and parent teacher associations.

Volunteer Recruitment for Events and Activities

Teachers may email parents to help with school trips and special events. The request for help will automatically close when the required number of volunteers has been reached.

Photos Upload

Compatible with the Learnpad, the SchoolApp2 allows teachers to upload photos directly onto the website for parents to see, in line with privacy policy.


Parents can subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter via the Parent Portal.